Illustration Friday: Twist

No matter how he twisted and turned, Gulliver could not break free from his tiny captors in the land of Lilliput.

Monday ArtDay: Artist

Self-portait of the artist. Colored pencils and Photoshop.

Illustration Friday: Camouflage

Amphiprion Ocellais camouflaged by a Sea Anenome. Illustrator and Photoshop.

Design Sessions: Notes on Design – Guest Blogger

I am honored that Design Sessions: Notes on Design has asked me to be a guest blogger on their site. Notes on Design is a curated blog bringing readers content that improves their design work, inspires them creatively, and informs them professionally. It is an insightful blog written by guest authors, designers and editors from the world of design and new media. Posts focus on the commercial application of graphic and web design. Their readers are an international audience of designers ranging from freelancers to Creative Directors. Here’s my first post about the Interactive Development Process.

Monday ArtDay: Set of Vintage Inspired Surf Stickers

Illustration Friday: Rejection

The constraints of being ‘inside the box’ unnecessarily forces the rejection of possible solutions when you’re supposed to be ‘thinking outside the box’.

Illustration Friday: Suit

Just bring your swimsuit! Proposed signage for my sister’s lake cottage. Their last name is Andreski. I thought it would be fun to name it “Undress & Ski” Cottage. The fish is wearing a polka dot suit.

Monday ArtDay: Warrior

A skilled warrior on horseback was indispensable during the crusades. This is a quick sketch in my Moleskine book for the Monday ArtDay challenge.

Illustration Friday: Your Paradise

Sitting on the beach and drawing in my Moleskine sketchbook. Illustrator and Photoshop.