Awash in a Leaky Raft…

Since the theme of the week is “worry”, I wanted to show off a series of direct mail pieces that I concepted and illustrated. The illustrations were created using Illustrator and Photoshop as a photomontage. However, my favorite part is the powerful copywriting that engages the senses. I included an excerpt from each of them.

Adrift in the South Pacific night. Awash in a leaky raft. And you’ve got company.

Unenviable circumstances. Raw. Exposed. Unseen visitors cut a course through your ebbing confidence. Circling. The bumps and brushes are purposeful. Sensing your vulnerability. Tread water and fall prey. Embark upon a panicked swim to safety only to find that the nearest solid ground is two miles straight down. Rather than becoming someone’s entree, take a stand before calamity befalls you. Proactively face the unforeseen by preparing a sustainable plan for survival.

You’re lost in the Amazon. “Armed” with a flashlight. And you’ve got company.

The night is alive. It creeps. It slithers. It glides effortlessly awaiting your next breath. Your skin crawls. And without warning, your one beacon in the jungle ink–like a dying ember–flickers out. Darkness drops like a curtain. Panic prods you to run. Reason reminds you that a merciless river snakes its way between you and safety. The water ripples. The branches constrict. Uncertainty reigns. Yet you needn’t succumb to the “safety” of inaction–where one’s lack of choosing ultimately decides one’s fate. Before all means of escape are inextricably closed off, proactively face the unforeseen by creating a sustainable plan for survival.

It’s pitch black on the African savanna. You’re “equipped” with mosquito repellent. And you’ve got company.

Night has fallen. And “here kitty, kitty” isn’t going to get it done. You’re on their turf. And they’re watching your every move. Fail to act and fall prey. Panic and you’ll face a predictable end. Rather than becoming someone else’s entree, take a stand. In the midst of crisis, face the challenges by adopting a sustainable plan for survival.

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25 Incredibly Artistic Websites

Vandelay Website Design has taken note of my artistic website in an article called 25 Incredibly Artistic Websites. I am excited to be featured on this list along with so many other talented artists. Thanks to Steven for recognizing me again on his cool blog.

Jayhan has also recognized my website on a blog post called Inspired by Nature: 27 websites with Wood. I can’t believe I am on this either. Wow!

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Sorcha ~ Painting on Wood Panel

Sorcha, the Gaelic name meaning bright, radiant light. This is a tiny oil painting on a 3×2 inch piece of wood.

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Illustration Friday: Worry

Little Bo Peep is the famously ineffective shepherdess who takes a laissez-faire attitude toward her lost sheep. She is worried about them, but decides to let them come home on their own rather than trying to find them. This is a tiny oil painting on a 3×2 inch piece of wood. Currently up for auction at ebay.

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Hand Painted Beads

Inspired by the solid wood Japanese Kokeshi dolls. These little beauties are going to be made into necklace pendants and added to my Etsy store in the next few days.

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Illustration Friday: Wide

The Boardwalk. Reliving memories of a bygone era. We stroll along wide sandy beaches and the calming waters of the Atlantic Ocean. I try some salt water taffy. Blech! I should’ve gotten boiled peanuts instead. You can never go wrong with boiled peanuts. We stop into a dingy arcade and drop a quarter into Madam Zola’s Fortune-o-Matic. She reminds me that I can’t go on vacation without buying a cheap trinket from the chintzy souvenir shop.

*This is what I dream of doing next week instead of being forced into flex week hours just to have next Friday off for the holiday.* Anyway, I did this illustration with a wide range of mediums. Pixel art, pencil, pen & ink, Photoshop, etc. If you look really closely, you can see Sully back there on the Boardwalk.

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Blog Design Madness

Vandelay Website Design held a blog design competition in the spirit of March Madness NCAA basketball tournament. The madness started with 64 contestants and each one faced another in head-to-head voting from readers.

I am very excited to announce that Sully’s Design Studio made it to Round Two with 32 blogs still remaining. Congratulations to Young Go Getter for sliding past me in the votes and making it to Round Three. Thanks to Vandelay Website Design and Squawk Design for even considering my blog for the tournament in the first place.

Featured at Smashing Magazine

Smashing Magazine has taken note of my pixel work in an article called “Pixels Go Mad – The Celebration Of Pixel Art”. I am so honored to be featured on this list along with so many other phenomenal artists. Thank you Smashing Magazine for recognizing me.


I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve come across several blogs or online galleries that have taken my work without permission. Somehow, my work even got used on the “” Clip Art page. “” is supposed to have guides who are recognized experts in their field and can provide trusted information after thorough research. Last time I checked, illustrated blogs were not a clip art image resource. Since it has happened a lot in the last month, I realize I am going to have to add a watermark to all my images from here on out. What do you guys think? Have you ever found your work on other blogs or websites that didn’t ask permission or didn’t give you credit?

Illustration Friday: Electricity

Even though the villagers would ring church bells so that the sound would chase away the thunder, Morgana believed that electrical storms brought evil spirits.

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