This illustration of the gaelic fawn started out as a pencil sketch in the Moleskine. Next, it became a painting. The painting was scanned back into Photoshop. Then, vectorized in Illustrator. And finally pulled back in to Photoshop for textures.

A Proverb for Sully

“Outside of a dog, a book is probably man’s best friend, and inside of a dog, it’s too dark to read.” — Groucho Marx.

Illustration Friday: Pale

A quick sketch in the Moleskine based on one of the tales in Gulliver’s Travels. By the laws of the kingdom, Gulliver must be searched by the King’s officers of Lilliput. In order to do this, he took up the pale and terrified officers in his hands, put them into his coat pockets. After conducting an exact inventory of what was found about the body of the man-mountain, the officers agreed that they were soon put out of fear as Gulliver managed them with great civility.

Glass Block Lightbox ~ O’er the misty Cumbraes

A new experiment using a glass block and opaque paper to make a lightbox from a previous illustration called “O’er the misty Cumbraes.” Paying homage to Robert Crawford, the poet. Here are some lines from “The Scottish Emigrant.” I took these lines out of the context of the rest of poem to make my own meaning and illustration.

O’er the misty Cumbraes, rising red,
The moon, great with romance, rears up its head,
Ye hills, Ye moors, ye pockets of dark fir,
Where the blue nights come up with little stir.

Illustration Friday: Resolve

For the new year, Little Red Riding Hood resolves to trade in one unrealistic, fantastical world inhabited by a wolf for another unrealistic, fantastical world inhabited by Wolfgang the fawn. And for my new year resolution, I plan to do more Moleskine sketches.