Third Time Lucky

Third Time Lucky
5 x 8 inches
Graphite on Moleskine Sketchbook

Finally, a new Moleskine…

Illustration Friday: Magnify

The King of Brobdingnag examines Gulliver under a magnifying glass.

Illustration Friday: Caution

Swimmer alone in a small wave throws caution to the wind.

Gryzelde in Moleskine


Illustration Friday: Hierarchy

Long-haired Rapunzel is trapped in her tower while the prince below contemplates how best to save her. The Grimm version of the tale reflects the simplicity of the hierarchy between rescuer and rescued.

Undine in Moleskine

A beautiful girl clad in rich garments stood there on the threshold smiling. This is a nod to the great illustrator, Arthur Rackham. Undines are female water-spirits who often join villagers in their dances and merry-making in 19th century folktales. Pencil in a ruled Moleskine notebook.

Illustration Friday: Celebrate

Never celebrate until you are really out of harm’s way. They just might still be lurking behind you.

Illustration Friday: Pale

A quick sketch in the Moleskine based on one of the tales in Gulliver’s Travels. By the laws of the kingdom, Gulliver must be searched by the King’s officers of Lilliput. In order to do this, he took up the pale and terrified officers in his hands, put them into his coat pockets. After conducting an exact inventory of what was found about the body of the man-mountain, the officers agreed that they were soon put out of fear as Gulliver managed them with great civility.