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Monthly Retainers
Happy Monday builds long-lasting client partnerships with monthly retainers that provide you with on-demand, hourly creative services on your own schedule.
  • 3 Hours of Design Time. For the client who knows exactly what they need and only require a few hours of design production work to be done.

  • 8 Hours of Design Time. For the client that needs a short-term outsource designer to help with overflow.

  • $1,600.00
    Business Retainer

    20 Hours of Design Time. For the client who may or may not have in-house design support, but needs more design assets on a regular basis from an outsource designer.

Pre-made Branding
We know that custom brand design can be expensive and time-consuming. Our handcrafted templates were created with the intent of providing professional solutions for a fraction of the cost and half the time. These uniquely designed brands can be customized to your individual needs. Find your brand design style.