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ReadyBrand Branding Kit – Photoshop Format

Includes Logos, Watermarks, Wordmarks, Favicons, Color Inspiration, Style Guide Template, and User Guide PDF


A pre-made brand kit like the ReadyBrand Branding Kit is intended to jumpstart the design process and shorten the timeframe significantly toward the path of having a strong and effective brand tailored just for you!


Introducing the ReadyBrand Branding Kit in Adobe Photoshop .PSD Format. This kit is a collection of years of work and includes 92 professional pre-made branding elements designed to help you create a unique look while saving you time and money. With this bundle, you can instantly create a stunning and cohesive brand identity and launch that business you’ve been dreaming about. Hiring a brand designer to create a custom brand can be expensive and time consuming. A pre-made logo from the ReadyBrand Kit is the perfect solution if you want your logo to be designed by an experienced Graphic Designer at a fraction of the cost. These pre-made logos were created with small business owners in mind that are just starting out and not ready for a custom logo but still want to develop a unique brand identity. Take matters into your own hands with a variety of trendy branding elements that you can fully edit, adapt, or mix and match. The possibilities are unlimited with these easy-to-use templates and detailed user guide PDF.

The Instant Digital Download Contains the Following 5 digital files:

(Designed to work with any version of Adobe Photoshop)

– 23 x Logos
– 23 x Watermarks
– 23 x Watermarks Reversed
– 23 x Wordmarks
– 23 x Favicons
– 23 Color Inspiration Palettes

– Brand Board Style Guide Template (735×1060 pixels – the ideal width for posting on the Pinterest)

– Individual Logo Template (1000×1000 pixels)

– Individual Favicon Template (512×512 pixels)

– Documentation includes sections on Font Download Links, Working with Layers, Editing Colors, Editing Fonts, Editing Style Guide, Saving Logo for Print Use, Exporting Logo for Web Use, Exporting the Favicon

  • All of the designs come in Adobe Photoshop .PSD format (Designed to work with any version of Adobe Photoshop).
  • All fonts are free for both personal and commercial use and the download links are listed in the user guide.
  • Fully customizable – you can edit the layers, colors, fonts, vector shapes, artwork, and more.
  • The detailed user guide PDF explains how to make edits.
  • Product mockups shown are for display purposes only and are NOT included in the kit
  • A working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop is required for this branding kit.
  • The files are not intended to work with any other software.
  • ALL DESIGN CUSTOMIZATION is done by THE PURCHASER (in Adobe Photoshop).
  • Purchaser must know how to install fonts.
  • Designs will vary depending on the length of the name of the company.
  • Every print vendor has slightly different needs for dimensions, file sizes, formats, and color specifications (CMYK or spot). The purchaser will need to adjust, save, or export their final template(s) according to their own specific deliverables and printer vendor’s needs. We are not responsible for printing errors.
  • Every online usage has slightly different needs for dimensions, file sizes, formats, and color specifications (RGB or HEX). The purchaser will need to adjust, save, or export their final template(s) according to their own specific online needs. We are not responsible for online viewing errors.

Choosing which format to purchase depends on your end use deliverables. If you’re focusing on both print and web deliverables, we recommend Illustrator. If you’re focusing on web deliverables, and don’t have a need for high resolution print deliverables exported to .ai or .eps, you can use Photoshop. Both the Illustrator and Photoshop formats utilize vector elements in the layer groups to help with clarity and crispness, so it may be just a matter of software preference. Both formats were made to easily edit artwork elements.

Adobe Illustrator Format
If your logo or other brand elements will be used on a traditional high resolution printed pieces such as business cards, shirts, or signage, you should be working with Adobe Illustrator as it uses vector artwork that can be infinitely scaled up and down in size with no loss of quality, resolution, or clarity. Illustrator is also useful for exporting out to web formats.

Adobe Photoshop Format
As you know, Photoshop was originally developed as a tool to enhance photographs. With that in mind, you would use Photoshop when you are working with lower resolution pixel-based raster images for usage on web and mobile. Photoshop files such as .jpg, .png are not recommended for high resolution print work, or scaling up and down in size. In the event that your print vendor will allow you to submit a Photoshop raster-based logo file, you would work with them to provide you with the exact specs for how to save a TIFF file format, as that is the highest quality format available to you in Photoshop.

  • We do not offer refunds on Instant Downloads, so please ask all questions before purchase and we’ll be more than happy to provide guidance.
  • Customization services are not included in the listing price. Need help with customization? We offer separate add-ons for customization services and brand consulting packages.
  • Technical software support services are not included in the listing price, but we are happy to help if you encounter errors with our digital files.

All payments are made via PayPal. Please note that all pre-made brand sales are final and non-refundable, so we encourage you to ask all questions that you might have before purchasing.

  • © Copyright 2018 Happy Monday, LLC / Kimberly Coles. All rights reserved.
  • Copyright cannot be transferred on any of the designs, images, and content in the digital files in this instant download.
  • These design and digital files cannot be copied, claimed, shared, resold, reproduced, redistributed, or transferred whole or in part for any reason as your own (either “as-is” or altered as derivatives).
  • You may not include the original purchased designs or digital files in any distributed end products.
  • You are not permitted to transfer, share or sell the designs or digital files in any way on any other platforms.
  • You are not permitted to transfer or give any of the designs or digital files away as freebies on any other platforms.
  • The designs and digital files are NOT one-of-a-kind (OOAK) and will be sold again.
Thank You!

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