Over my 25+ years of ad agency experience and 8 years in business as Happy Monday, I’ve helped over 500 companies in 20+ industries increase their sales with the power of strategic branding and design (I’m so TOTALLY dating myself here).
Creative Design Services
Designing engaging, compelling, and successful user experiences for print and web. Whatever your industry, I have the experience to help you determine your next steps.
Branding & Logo Design Services

Branding involves more than designing a logo. I work to understand your business needs so that your brand will communicate effectively with your audience—no matter the medium.

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UX/UI Responsive Web Design Services

Designing user-friendly website experiences that customers and search engines will embrace, no matter the device. The goal is to get more traffic, more leads and more sales.

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Print Design Services

Traditional print design services encompass many types of real world expressions, including brochures, business cards, print ads, postcards, tradeshow signage, and more.

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Digital Marketing Design Services

Effective banner ad and social media design helps build your brand, attract more qualified leads, and convert to paying customers.

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Great work can only happen with great clients!
I've built a solid reputation for producing strategic and creative solutions that really get results. I’d like to thank my clients for letting me to design their ``stuff``.
Pre-Made Design Shop
We know that custom brand design can be expensive, complicated, and time-consuming. Check out our readymade templates for a fraction of the cost. Some say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread!
Monthly Retainers
Happy Monday builds long-lasting client partnerships with monthly retainers that provide you with on-demand, hourly creative services on your own schedule. Let me make it super easy for you... you don't even have to tip me!
  • $1,600.00
    Business Retainer

    20 Hours of Design Time. For the client who may or may not have in-house design support, but needs more design assets on a regular basis from an outsource designer.

  • 3 Hours of Design Time. For the client who knows exactly what they need and only require a few hours of design production work to be done.

  • 8 Hours of Design Time. For the client that needs a short-term outsource designer to help with overflow.

How Can I Help You Get More Business?
We begin every good relationship with an initial phone call where we discuss your business needs and determine next steps. Let's get something started!
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